Instructor’s Comment

I chose ThinkSmartz to present the topic on budgeting since I was told that the presenters are knowledgeable, engaging and able to hold the students’ attention, and that's exactly what I got. Powerful discussions arose after the speaker quickly assessed the students’ needs and adapted his focus. At the end of the course, students reviewed it, and Budgeting was recognized by far as the best topic and speaker.  

Patti Payant

He came to talk to us about budgeting and how to save money. We sat in a circle and listened to stories… It was really nice. I liked the class. It gave me somewhat motivated to want to have my own business someday when I’m still young.

Bristol Community College Student

Mr. Cardoza came to talk to us about budgeting. He gave many personal examples of financial risk, instability and independence which I found quite fascinating and necessary to hear. Although many people never address it, one of the most important things to learn at a young age is financial literacy, and it was great to hear him talk to us about such a hugh topic. I personally love every time someone comes to speak because each person has given me a wide array of helpful information to use in the future.

Bristol Community College Student

In week 10, the topic was Budgeting. Budgeting or priorities while budgeting to be specific. In class we had a very good speaker who spoke to us who was my favorite speaker of the semester. The class helped me to realize what to spend or not to spend money on when budgeting my money. This topic is probably the most important when it comes to life, because you need money to survive.

Bristol Community College Student

During this class we worked on checks and calculating expenses. I now understand how I should be spending my money and how important it is to pay bills and save.

Bristol Community College Student

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