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Topics include: banking, budgeting, credit cards, debt, credit reports and various types insurances


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Knowledge and planning are the keys to your long term financial security. It is never too early or late to start planning for your financial future, so invest some time today and reap the benefits throughout your life.

About Us

ThinkSmartz is an affiliation of the Retirement Education Resource Center of North America.

RERCNA reaches out to people of all ages by offering guidance in all areas of retirement planning. Our team of professionals have been carefully selected to cover all areas of the retirement planning — including insurance, estate planning law, CPAs, and investments. We offer academic programs, public and private strategic programs, and industry enrichment programs.

Many of the topics presented are written in conjunction with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Our Classes

Below are the classes we offer, giving you the building blocks for a healthy financial future.

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